Resource Issuers

As experts of financing in the mining and energy sectors, we work with a powerful network of Canadian issuers and global resource investors.

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We have funded numerous transactions with mining companies, large institutions, and private equity funds. As the leading provider of flow-through capital and the originator of flow-through donation financings in Canada, we have deployed over $3 billion since inception.


Why Work With Us

Maximize the Capital Raising Potential of Flow-Through Shares
We enable Canadian mineral exploration companies to pass on qualifying Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE), Canadian Development Expenses (CDE) and Super Flow-Through investment tax credits (ITCs) to pre-arranged institutional investors.
Secure Premium Issue Price
You can secure the highest share price possible at a market premium, resulting in less dilution to shareholders. We can also help you source capital through private and public placements.
Access to Global & Strategic Investors
PearTree facilitates a strategic investment structure suitable for Canadian and international institutional, high net worth individuals or strategic investment participation.
Connect with Strategic Investors
We provide strategic, institutional and accredited investors with a mechanism in which common shares in high-quality Canadian resource companies are acquired at an attractive discount to market price.
No Additional Fees
We work with Canada’s banking and brokerage communities to arrange and close flow through donation placements with no PearTree fees or charge-backs.

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