Your clients will lower their after-tax cost of giving using PearTree’s Flow-Through Donation Platform. For you as an advisor, this means more after-tax dollars to return to Assets Under Management.

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PearTree recommends all clients work closely with their advisors to test the applicability of our platform to their gifting. Once your client is ready to work with us, we take care of all arrangements.

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Imagine Canada Caring Companies invest a minimum of 1% of their pre-tax profits back into the communities they serve. Your company’s 1% investment can come from four main areas: Cash and in-kind contributions, Volunteerism, Management costs, or philanthropy side.


A flow-through share is a tax-advantaged investment in the common shares of a Canadian company in the natural resource or renewable energy sector.

A company that issues flow-through shares renounces or “flows through” to the purchaser tax expenses associated with specific exploration, development, and project start-up activities that it would otherwise be permitted to deduct on its own tax return. The purchaser can deduct these Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) in an amount up to the flow-through shares’ purchase price in calculating their taxable income.

When the CEE meet additional specified criteria, the Federal government and certain provincial governments provide purchasers with tax credits in addition to the tax deductions.

Other than these unique tax benefits—which are available only to the shares’ first purchaser—flow-through shares are identical to common shares issued by the company.

PearTree accelerates significant gifts for charitable organizations via our Flow-Through Share Donation Format (FTSDF).

Because PearTree’s sole business activity is assisting charities and donors, we help your donors achieve a lower after-tax donation cost, leading to more transformational gifts for your charity.

PearTree significantly reduces the after-tax cost of giving via our Flow-Through Share Donation Platform (FTSDP), so you can increase or accelerate your philanthropy.

Donors can expect the average after-tax cost of your charitable giving to be less than 20% in all Canadian provinces, except Saskatchewan, which is less than 25%.

PearTree delivers an array of measurable value to resource issuers, such as:

  • Maximizing mining flow through
  • Maximizing oil & gas flow through
  • Securing premium issue price
  • Enabling access to strategic global investors
  • No additional fees

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