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Mining Finance

PearTree is a Canadian Securities Dealer and Investment Fund Manager advancing over (CAD) $500 million annually for resource exploration and mine development in a uniquely Canadian structure which results in as much as $2.00 of capital deployed for every $1.00 invested by global institutions and family offices.

PearTree’s platform and investor capital results in the triple benefit of reduced issuer dilution, reduced cost of share ownership, and enhanced governance within a Canadian regulatory environment ensuring that invested capital is deployed on site and for no other purpose.

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Through our ​​proven Flow-Through Share Donation Platform, we provide enhanced exploration capital for remote and Northern Canadian resource issuers at reduced share dilution.


PearTree Delivers Major Value to Canadian Resource Issuers

Premium Subscription Price for Issuers
You can secure the highest share price possible at a market premium, with less share dilution.
Discounted Acquisition Price for Global Equity Investors
The tax benefits available to the first subscriber enable a profitable disposition to global investors at discounted prices.
No Fees
We work with Canada’s banking and brokerage communities to arrange and close flow-through donation placements with no fees or chargebacks.
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Who We Work With

  • Resource Issuers

    With proven expertise in the mining and energy sectors, we operate within a robust global network of issuers and resource investors.

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  • Bankers & Investors

    Much like a PE Fund, PearTree provides the subscription capital by providing exclusive access to the PearTree Financial Services donor client base.

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Government Relations

For over a decade PearTree has advocated for evidence based tax incentives in support of the resource sector, including promoting the expansion of the uniquely Canadian flow-through share tax regime to enhance critical minerals opportunities, as is now adopted

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