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PearTree Canada Founder & CEO Ron Bernbaum featured on EarthLabs CrashLabs Podcast:

PearTree Canada Founder & CEO, Ron Bernbaum discusses mining finance, deploying $3b, and Philanthropy

EarthLabs CrashLabs Podcast: Episode #31


With a distinguished career in tax, law and finance since 1979, Ron has been an influential figure in the mining sector as he has raised over $3bn for explorers. In this conversation with Denis they discuss:

00:00 Ron Bernbaum’s Career and Philanthropy
08:51 Changes Threatening Junior Mining
13:29 Government Not Willing To Listen
25:27 Do Canadians Appreciate The Mineral Sector?
34:39 Injecting $3 Billion Into Mining
43:05 Charities Taking A Hit
52:40 Most Philanthropic Individuals
1:03:28 Universal Basic Income
1:07:30 Time For Change

EarthLabs, Inc. (TSXV: SPOT) (OTCQX: SPOFF) is a mining investment and technology company that aims to maximize torque to the junior resource sector with $50M in cash and investments, a royalty portfolio and a full suite of data-driven media SaaS tools and services, including CEO.CA, the largest social media platform for resource investors, and DigiGeoData, a software-based interactive mapping interface which provides earth modeling, geology data management, and specialized financial products.


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