Headshot Renee Bleeman

Renee Bleeman

Founder & President
PearTree Canada


Throughout her personal and professional life as a founder of PearTree, Renee has held numerous hands-on and leadership roles in philanthropy including many board directorships. Beginning with her career in rehabilitative therapy – specializing in amputees and the elderly at leading institutions including West Park Hospital and Baycrest – along with her non-profit volunteer involvement, Renee knows firsthand and appreciates the challenges faced by charity.

For Renee, PearTree is a way to overcome those challenges by reducing the after-tax cost of giving. “On a daily basis I hear from, and I am amazed by, our clients’ passions in giving more to social causes spanning so many areas of need. Our clients are generous with their time, guidance, advice and financial commitment, and I’m very fortunate and grateful to be a foundational part of a firm which enables ever greater charitable giving. In my experience going back over 15 years at PearTree, every client gives more to charity as a result of what we do. I could not have imaged a more satisfying career.”

Amongst her many management duties, Renee oversees and directs PearTree’s own philanthropic commitments of more than $1,000,000 annually ranging from hospital event sponsorships to matching campaigns for food banks across Canada.